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Valentine Shimada

Valentine Shimada

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PostSubject: ~+ Valentine Shimada +~   ~+ Valentine Shimada +~ EmptyMon Jan 07, 2013 7:59 pm

Warning: Page Stretch
Character Sheet Image:
Art by 覺醒@四次元相談所. I do not claim to own this art in any way, and will take it down if needed.

Name: Valentine Shimada

Gender: Female

Race: Bat/Vampire hybrid

Age: 12

Native Land: Rejet

History: Valentine grew up as a completely average vampire in her younger years, with a caring set of parents and more than enough food on the table. However, her parents eventually started bickering nearly every day, and it eventually escalated into her father physically abusing her mother. Children learn by example of course, and growing up in such a harsh environment affected her personality greatly; it didn't take long for her temper to become short, and for her to stop trusting most anyone.

Valentine's parents--noticing this behavior--punished her by, unlike most parents, completely ignoring her. This, however, resulted in the exact opposite effect. Valentine's the type that needs to be babied from time to time (as much as she hates admitting it), and so she eventually ran away from home. She didn't leave her hometown of Reject, though her parents never came to find her either. Two years later, and she's still doing perfectly fine, by most people's standards.

Personality: This is surely one of the cases when the saying, 'don't judge a book by it's cover' is prevalent. Despite her small stature, she incredibly unforgiving and has the temper to boot. Her jealousy and cruelty aren't something to laugh at either. Point being: don't anger her.

+ Creativity
+ Intelligence
+ Reading
+ Fighting

- 'Crybaby'
- Short temper
- Unforgiving
- Narrow-minded

Other: Views Mei as her big sister
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~+ Valentine Shimada +~
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