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Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin? 35m1vnk
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 Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin?

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Laura Nova

Laura Nova

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Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin? Empty
PostSubject: Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin?   Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin? EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 5:39 pm

Laura sighed, Why did all the places in this world have to be so far apart?, she thought to herself. Why do I have to be so lazy? She did a cartwheel, and then rolled forward, looking up at the forest before here. This place is supposed to be pretty dangerous...got all kinds of creatures going missing in there... She smiled mischieviously, and started sneaking around, trying to sneak up on something that may have been responsible for the diappearances.

She hoped to catch it off guard, scare it half to death. She didn't realize how far she travelled until she stumbled into a clearing, a cabin mysteriously placed right, smack dab, in the middle of the forest. She paused, a hesitation to go closer, night would be upon her soon, and she really didn't want to be caught out at night. But what if they were cannibals, or monsters she'd never seen before, or angels looking to cut the horns off her head as a grisly trophy for their mantlepiece?

She swallowed lightly, stepping lightly around the building, looking at it from all angles. This is obviously a trap...or haunted...or a trap..., she thought. No way she'd fall for that. "H-Hello, anybody home?!"
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Danger! Suspense! And...a...cabin?
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