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Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H 35m1vnk
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 Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H

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PostSubject: Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H   Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 7:17 pm

I will post a new topic due to the fact I do not want to cause drama. I do apologize for my misconduct, however I was not childish but I will take my opinions to be less harsh next time. Sorry and now here is my app, hope everything is of your needs and great satisfactory.

Warning: Page Stretch
Character Sheet Image:
Art by [url=]I looked all over I can not find the artist But I still do not claim rights for anything but my graphis editing to it.[/url]. I do not claim this art as mine in any way, as it is owned by them. I will take down the picture if needed.

Name:Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga (Known as S.A.H)


Race:Elf/Human Deer Hybrid (in explanation apparently according to your head admin Hybrid is a seperate race and you are allowed to have another race. In it self it is really a hybrid either way but it is allowed appearently so I choose to be Elf/Dear Human Hybrid


Native Land: Mythur

History: As a child Satomi was always the odd one of the elves that were in the region. He was a hybrid so it was explanatory, the giant antlers on his head were the show of it as well as the elf like ears on the side of his head. He dressed oddly from the rest of the elves. He loved the color black, ironically his eyes were of a bright green which was rather shocking considering, he loved the color black he absolutely hated his green emerald colored eyes. It was self explanatory that he was quite a loner, he liked getting everything done by himself. Satomi also had a great passion for apples, humorous as it is it has a significance in his life. Though his name is Satomi, many peoples just call him S.A.H, mostly because his name is a bit hard to pronounce and is too long to continue to recite over and over again. Satomi never really had any parents, or rather he did but they left him at birth. Elves had taken him in as their own till they died later on when he would turn sixteen. He knew how to How to take care of himself He knew how to use his resources, and knew how to hunt for himself.
Satomi was often confused of the outside world, he never left his region, he knew nothing about the technology. And was often too scared or anxious to even leave to discover. Even though he is eighteen he still shows the attitude of a child learning new things due to the reason that he is ill informed on the world before him. After the death of his "foster" parents he isolated himself from everyone, wanting to be alone. One day while he was sulking still, a boy of the name of Motsuhiro found him. Motsu and Satomi became best of friends. Motsu was a human, so he was very caring, he didn't live in the region Satomi was from, but he often visited the region whenever he had time. Every time Motsu did come to visit Satomi, he brought a red juicy apple and would give it to Satomi with a smile always on his face. Satomi finally felt at peace. Sadly, all good must come to an end, Motsu one day did not show up to visit Satomi. Satomi began to sulk again. Later he would attempt to travel to the region Motsu was from, Satomi would surprise him. Though to his surprise, Satomi caught word that Motsu died to an illness. His friend was dying, everyday that he saw Satomi he was wasting his energy when he could be resting. Satomi in shock would go back to his sulking once more.
Satomi's life was a bit messed up, and after learning of the death of his friend, he began to develop a multiple personality disorder from all the shock. Though in the process he would go into a state of amnesia from the event of his friend's death. He forgot all about Motsu, but for some reason when ever he saw an apple or got his hands on an apple he would savior it to every bite, as if each apple he ate would slowly recover the memory when it actually would not. Growing up Satomi began to have to personalities, one of his confusion and the other vulgar with both erotic/perverted and vial langue content.

Satomi has multiple personalities of which takes part in three forms, Confusion and Insanity.
-Confused-Satomi has the state of confused due to amnesia he has the memories of how to hunt and survive, but none of the new world. He gets very anxious when he sees something new and acts like a little child trying to figure out how the object works. He also would show intense confusion to the new races, as far as he knows he believes he is just an elf, when in reality everyone knows he is a hybrid/elf. A rare hybrid at that, the mix of a deer means his parents were of a rare species that rarely ever existed. It was unsure if Satomi was the only one of that specific Hybrid/Elf Race.
-Insane-Satomi suffers under a disorder that he has no control of. This disorder, allows him to believe he is two people, of which causes him to have split personality. Mostly because of this personality he was sent to a state of amnesia from the shock of his friends death. So in place of him trying to forget his friend he became insane with vulgar language and perverted personality. In this state Satomi seems to act much like his actual age. Ever since the amnesia he was never the same, he was a bit morbid and deranged, but this only really showed when he saw blood, or if someone stole/ate/or killed one of his apples.

+Spirit Prayers(incantation magic)
+Disguising (is good at hiding his true appearance after watching how humans dress)

-Not Perfect
-fears death
-Knows nothing of the outside world

Can form weapons from Ki or the spirit of his body
All rights to these weapon images goes to the anime Chaos; HEAd

Role Play Sample:
Highschool of the Dead ROLE PLAY:

Naruto Crisis ROLE PLAY:
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PostSubject: Re: Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H   Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H EmptySat Jan 19, 2013 10:20 am

I'm gonna go with approved. Unless another admin disagrees, :3
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Satomi Angel Hitshyuuga, S.A.H
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