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 Dreamworld's Plot

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PostSubject: Dreamworld's Plot   Dreamworld's Plot EmptySun Jan 06, 2013 7:13 pm

Chapter 1

Long ago, or rather, 8 years ago, there was 2 friends. The friends were both girls, and were both indeed, creative. Together, they created a world that they would have considered paradise. They were young. They thought paradise existed. The world they created was filled with fantasy creatures like hybrids, vampires, demons, angels, elves, and just regular humans. Each race had a nation to themselves, and the nations were sometimes at war, sometimes at peace. Most of the time, war. Together, the girls wished that they could be in that world. Because to them, it was paradise. Someone heard this wish.

They said they'd do anything to have that wish granted. Again, they were still young. And then, the person who heard the wish, took it literally. In 8 years, the girls would be transported to this world for good. And they'd lose their memory of ever creating it.
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Dreamworld's Plot
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