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Warning: Page Stretch (If applicable)
Character Sheet Image:
Art by Sandara. I do not claim this art as mine in any way, as it is owned by them. I will take down the picture if needed.
Name: Paetra Laringe

Gender: Female

Race: Elves

Age: 17

Native Land: Mythos

Paetra has led a largely independent lifestyle from the time her parents were called to defend Mythos' borders. They did not return, and so she relied on the skills her parents had taught her and the goodwill of her few neighbours to survive. The first few years found her barely scraping by, with her then-laughable attempts at archery and reluctance to kill innocent animals. After a rather traumatising encounter with a squirrel, however, she soon reconciled herself that a few dead rodents would be a very small loss. After several years of practise, she became adept at various survival skills. This came at the cost of any social skills she might have nurtured, however.
She lived deep within the forest until she was called to defend the borders as her parents had been before her. After a while, she found herself rising in the rank, and covering for senior officers on raids. Occasionally she would be assigned assassination missions. She was often disconcerted by these missions, and attempted to convince herself that they were simply monsters who were attacking her home. Still, their dying faces haunted her.

Personality: Paetra is prone to take things literally, and although she uses sarcasm with knowing intent and a scathing tongue, she misses it in other's tones. She takes everything at face value first, before checking for underlying plans. She is a straightforward, but cunning individual. Although she keeps little to herself when she does speak- many people have pointed this out to her with a groaned, “too much information,”- she usually withholds her thoughts, seeing little reason to speak to people who pay no attention to her. When they do glance at her, however, she feels the need to show off. She will soon begin talking far too much, and become very demonstrative.

+ Archery
+ Trapping
+ Camouflage
+ Crafting

- No social skills
- Stubborn
- Arrogant
- Will not ask for help

Other: Although Paetra can read, and faster than she could before her military stints, she does not do so with great speed; although, her comprehension levels are high, but she is not very quick in reading Elvish scripts, and slower yet in common tongue.

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